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  • Punto se esquizofrenia maximo

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  • lo estoy viendo en el pc a las 4 y 24 xddd perdón por decepcionarte viejas sdjdjsd

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  • 0:00 Intruder Alert! A RED Spy is in the base!" [Signs illuminate on a large security panel: "Intruder Alert', 'RED Spy' and 'In Base'; pull out to reveal the BLU Soldier watching the board] Soldier: "A RED Spy is in the base!?" [Intruder Alert begins to play. The Soldier reaches from off-screen and pulls a Shotgun off a rack of weapons. Cut to the Soldier dashing down the stairs and through the 2Fort sublevel while saying "Hut, Hut, Hut!" with every step he takes] The Administrator: "Protect the briefcase!" Soldier: "We need to protect the briefcase!" [Camera pans to reveal the BLU Scout trying to open the code-locked 'Briefcase Room' door] Scout: "Yo, a lil' help here!?" [The Soldier pushes the Scout aside and begins to 'decode' the combination] Soldier: "All right, all right, I got it. Stand back son. 1, 1, 1, umm... 1!" Scout: "Let's go, let's go-" [BLU Heavy comes around the corner, Sasha in hand, charging towards the Scout and Soldier] Heavy: "INCOMING!" [Heavy shoulder-barges the door, destroying it. The three of them are sent tumbling and screaming into the Intelligence Room] Heavy: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- [screaming]" [The Scout reaches the desk to discover the briefcase is perfectly safe] Scout: [while screaming, he notices the briefcase] "AAAAAHHHH- Hey, it's still here!" Heavy: "-AAAAalright then." Spy: "Ahem." [Camera zooms in to reveal the BLU Spy, with the BLU Sniper's corpse over one shoulder] Spy: "Gentlemen." [Meet the Spy' Title Card] [Cut back to the Spy, carrying the dead Sniper towards the desk] Spy: "I see the briefcase is safe." Soldier: "Safe and sound, mm-hmm." Scout: "Yeah, it is!" Spy: "Tell me... did anyone happen to kill a RED Spy on the way here?" [The other three BLUs shake their heads and shrug] Spy: No? Then we still have a problem. [He deposits the Sniper's body on the desk, revealing a bloody Knife in his back accompanied with a sound cue and varied reactions] Soldier: "...and a knife." [The Scout approaches and removes the knife] Scout: "Oooh, big problem. I've killed plenty of Spies; they're dime-a-dozen back-stabbing scumbags - like you!" [The Scout attempts to manipulate the knife like the Spy, only to cut himself with the blunt end on the finger and drop it] Scout: "Ow! No offense." Spy: "If you managed to kill them, I assure you, they were not like me." [The Spy deftly retrieves the knife and flicks it shut, handing it back to the Scout] "And nothing... nothing like the man loose inside this building." Scout: "What're you? President of his fan club?" [The Soldier and Heavy chuckle while the Spy turns to face the Scout] Spy: "No... that would be your mother!" [The Spy reveals a folder and slaps it down on the table, revealing several compromising photographs of the RED Spy and the Scout's mother while Right Behind You plays] Scout: "What the?" [stammers out of shock and disbelief] Spy: Indeed, and now he's here to f**k us! So listen up boy, or pornography starring your mother will be the second worst thing that happens to you today." [The Soldier and Heavy examine the photographs. The Heavy leans over and shows the Soldier one photo in particular] Soldier: Oh! [The Scout frantically retrieves the photos as the Spy lights and smokes a cigarillo in the foreground] Scout: "Gimme that!" Spy: "This Spy has already breached our defenses..." [Fade to the RED Spy, creeping through the Hydro tunnels. He pauses at a corner, as the camera pulls back to reveal a BLU Level 3 Sentry Gun with its Engineer. He slides a Sapper across the floor, disarming and destroying the Sentry Gun immediately] Engineer: "Sentry Down!" [The BLU Engineer throws his Wrench down and frantically reaches for his Pistol, only to have the Spy shoot him in the head with the Revolver. Cut to behind the closed door as the dead Engineer crashes through the door and the Spy steps over him and fires at a target off-screen] [Cut back to the BLU Intelligence Room. The BLU Spy leans over the dead Sniper, gesturing frantically.] Spy: "You've seen what he's done to our colleagues!" [Fade to the BLU Sniper, still alive and sniping from a dusty attic. The RED Spy creeps up on him and steps on a creaking floorboard, alerting the Sniper, who engages the Spy with the Kukri. A struggle ensues. Spy deftly dodges and parries Sniper’s flailing attacks and counters with fatal strikes; the Sniper is cut across his left cheek (1:55), gutted under the right rib cage (1:57), cut across the back of his skull (1:58), and is ultimately backstabbed (1:59).] [Cut back to BLU Intelligence Room] Spy: "And worst of all, he could be any one of us..." [Fade to the RED Spy fighting a BLU Medic, armed with a Bonesaw] Medic: "Raus, raus!" [The Spy breaks the Medic's arm, disarming him. Close-up on the Spy's face as he disguises as the Medic] Medic: [gasps] "Nein..." [The Spy kills the Medic with a well-placed chop to the throat, knocking off his spectacles, which he catches and wears, completing his disguise] [Cut back to BLU Intel Room. The BLU Spy looks frantic] Spy: "He could be in this very room! He could be you! He could be me! He could even be-" [The Spy is cut off as his head explodes violently. The camera switches to the Soldier, Shotgun in hand, with a confused Heavy and a panicked Scout] Scout: "Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Heavy: "Oh!" Soldier: "What? It was obvious!" [The Soldier pumps his Shotgun, discarding the spent shell.] "He's the RED Spy! Watch, he'll turn red any second now..." [The Soldier and Heavy approach the dead Spy, with The Soldier prodding the Spy's foot with his Shotgun] Soldier: "Any second now... See? Red! Oh, wait... that's blood." Heavy: "So, we still got problem..." Soldier: "Big problem..." [The Scout lingers behind, his expression sinister. He approaches the Soldier and Heavy, retrieving the knife he pocketed earlier, and flicking it open easily] Soldier: All right, who's ready to go find this Spy?" [As the Scout approaches, he flickers and melts, revealing himself to be the RED Spy] Spy: "Right behind you." [Team Fortress 2 ending

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  • 15:25 JUAN MAGNATE

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  • Lpm editor, eres la persona mas pura del mundo 😍 eres el único que pone la música del primer Splatoon en 2021 A y la de Arms en el minuto 16:54 o sea me gusta, fue el 2 juego que tive en mi Switch pero ahora esta muerto para mi

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  • 13:37 Se imaginan que como tiene 8 tentaculos se pone un cuchillo en cada uno? Seria un *C A G A S T E*

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  • 5:30 Respeto el video porque ademas de los pasos que se tiro el pibe el editor puso la musica del primer Splatoon Grande el editor, tiene mis respetos 😎🤙

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  • estaba mas aburrio que la ctm pq no sabia que ver en la clase de matematicas, y me salio el viejas, agradecido con el de arriba * inserte sonidos de kiko feliz XD *

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  • 6:26 Son Goldfish Cabeza de León, son peces de agua dulce y su especie es una de la más hermosas de su familia

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    • Si si muy hermosas 😨👍

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  • si alguien esta bien los cometarios recientes unete a google meet: uvu-datr-mxi (tenemos Geometry dash rule 34)

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  • Dilan el server de discord esta en la decadencia absoluta, estan espamendo memes de v-tubers y v-tubers tercermundiastas, V-TUBERS POR DIOS. STAFF ACTUEN

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